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Preform Mould Hot Runner System(Shut-Off Nozzle)

  • Post Date:  Aug 8,2011
  • Expiry Date:  Aug 23,2011
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Preform Molds

Preform molds are produced at dedicated facilities in China. Preform molds range up to 144 cavities and offer:


  • Fast cycling due to specially designed cooling circuits
  • Part ejection sensors that monitor preform transfer to the take-off plate, improving cycle time
  • Standard interchangeable mold components; replacement parts available within 24 hours


  • Rugged design for long life
  • Auxiliary tapers that reduce mold wear by pre-aligning the mold halves prior to the engagement of the neck ring tapers
  • Roller cams that actuate both the opening and closing actions on the thread splits  

Part Quality

  • Lowest cavity-to-cavity weight and dimensional variation as a result of best-in-class manufacturing machines and processes
  • Water hoses that are manifolded at the bottom of the mold, eliminating potential for water marks on preforms
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