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180-degree flat-type mould turning machine

  • Post Date:  Aug 8,2011
  • Expiry Date:  Aug 23,2011
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Categories: 180-degree flat-type mould turning machine
name: 180-degree flat-type mould turning machine
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description: 180-degree flat-type mould turning machine,improved by our Company on the basis of the design theory of traditional mould turning machines,is a new-type mould turning eqyipment which realizes mould-rurning mocement by means of the movement of hydraulic driving cam,and it takes up small place and space.
Model Table Size (mm) Table Height(mm) (KN) 90Turnover Time (see) Motor Power (KW) Outer Size(mm) Machine Weight (ton)
PMF-5 1250×1100 300 50 20-25 5.5 3600×1250×300 3
PMF-10 1400×1200 400 100 20-25 7.5 3850×1400×400 4
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